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Title: Active brain 4 all : a social brain gym online platform
Authors: Correia, Secundino
Medeiros, Paula
Silva, Margarida
Keywords: Tecnologia da Informação e Comunicação - idosos
Issue Date: 2-Jul-2015
Publisher: WCCE
Citation: Correia, S., Medeiros, P. & Silva, M. (2013). Active brain 4 all : a social brain gym online platform. In X World Conference on Computers in Education (WCCE) - learning while we are connected (Vol. 1 - Research Papers, pp. 265-273). Torún. ISBN 978-83-231-3090-1. Disponível em
Abstract: Ageing has been increasing. Not only in Portugal but also across Europe, demographic involution has been the trend. Imagina® is involved in a project to design and build a social online platform with cognitive games for brain gym, promoting active ageing and rehabilitation. In this paper we will present how we came to a first design solution using two complementary techniques: a benchmarking study, trying to identify what is relevant and how we can propose a better and smarter solution, and a survey by questionnaire to refine our assumptions taking into account the opinion of specialists in the field. Another challenge is how to design and develop a solution that is easily accessible anytime, everywhere, consistent and transparent to the user from any operating system and any device, with particular awareness to tablets and smart phones.
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