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Title: Art and the Body Image: about Self and Stereotypes
Authors: Oliveira, Mónica
Keywords: Arte contemporânea
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: CIEC-UM | ESE-IPVC
Citation: Diálogos com a arte : revista de arte, cultura e educação. CIEC-UM | ESE-IPVC, 2015. - Online. - ISSN 2183-1726. - 5, 40-50.
Abstract: Today's man is socially absorbed by problematic body issues and everything that this means and involves. Literature, publicity, science, technology and medicine compound these issues in a form of this theme that has never been seen before. In the artistic framework, body image is constantly suffering modifications. Body image in sculpture unfolds itself, assuming different messages and different forms. The body is a synonym of subject, an infinite metaphorical history of our looks, desires, that leads one to interrogate his/her image and social and sexual relations. These are understood as a manifestation of individual desires freed from a moral and social imposition. It attempts a return to profound human nature before we are turned into a cloning industry. In thisstudy it isimportant for usto understand in which form doessculpture reflect body image as a sociocultural and psychological phenomenon within the coordinates of our time. To understand how they represent and what artists represent in sculpture as a multiple and complex structure of human sexuality. Today, the sculptural body, expanding its representation, no longer as a reproduction of the corporal characteristics, presents the body in what it possesses of most intimate, unique, human and real, that moves, reacts, feels, suffers and pulsates, a mirror of us all.
Peer reviewed: yes
ISSN: 2183-1726
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