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Title: Plurilingualism vs multilingualism in early years of schooling: The rise of a critical cultural awareness in primary school
Authors: Medeiros, Paula
Cruz, Mário
Ribeiro, Gorete
Marcelo, Marisa
Barreira, Carla
Keywords: Learning of languages
Teaching of languages
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Since early 80s the Council of Europe has taken a great approach to teaching and learning of languages by encouraging plurilingual practices instead of multilingual practices, being these understood as the coexistence of several languages within a given society. In this context, we believe that once one learns many languages, one values one's native language, allowing one to understand it more clearly and to communicate with others on an equal footing and, more importantly, one also learns about other cultures. This is an issue of great importance in order to value and respect one's own and other cultures in the context of European integration. Considering this, in this article, we present two linked projects: a) the “PrimaLang” project, related teaching practices multilingual promoting critical cultural awarenessl in the 1st cycle of Portuguese Primary School System; b) the “Plurilingual” project, which refers to the design of a coursebook which stimulates the development of a plurilingual competence in the 1st cycle of Portuguese Primary School System. At the same time, we analyze some materials made by students and teachers in the projects to better understand their contribution under the InterNetwork Comenius Project
Peer reviewed: yes
ISBN: 978-84-614-2326-2
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